We provide result oriented consultancy services for entire applications and services which are compulsorily required by the legislations and which support our national vision including Turkey 2023, Smart City Strategical Action Plan, Urban Transformation Action Plan and Employment Mobilisation.

Sampaş has worked in cooperation with our municipalities within the urban development process of Turkey, and has adopted the principle of creating civilized cities with high brand values and quality of life.

“Urban Transformation Strategy Certificate” service is provided; this service is mandatory for metropolitan municipalities, provincial municipalities and/or county municipalities and Provincial Special Administrations to prepare within the process of urban transformation applications, which they are to implement on the entirety of the settlements within their jurisdictions under the Vision of 2023 of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

As the first “Smart City” architect of Turkey, SAMPAŞ makes “Smart Urban Transformation” projects based on knowledge and technology, with onsite transformation method, where social transformation is supported.

SAMPAŞ aims to construct “Smart, Esthetic and Sustainable” cities in cooperation with our Ministry and Municipalities, within the urban transformation process of Turkey.

Within this context, one of our primary goals is to be a solution partner for you with our central and field offices, and with our experienced team, which is the best in its field.

SAMPAŞ serves as your solution partner with its Architects, City Planners, Engineers, Designers, Economists, Sociologists, Legal Advisors, expert staff consisting of different disciplines, and also with its Smart Urban Transformation Technology Solutions.

“Portfolio Management” service is provided to get maximum returns from municipal and public properties, to determine management strategies (development, holding, renting, selling, etc.) and to increase potential income.

It is a platform creation service where all stakeholders active in the urban dynamics can access to and interact with urban data of municipalities and produce new data sets in open data standards, in line with the New Generation Municipality approach.