In assisting to enhance the capabilities our Municipality partners in FINANCE and enable them to benefit from corporate and project financing from all available sources at home and overseas, we have created a brand new service platform in the field of FINANCE.

SAMPAŞ establishes effective and professional financial management for our municipalities. For this purpose, we provide Virtual Finance Office (Virtual CFO) services, including organizational structure, human resources, and preparation for international ratings.

In our project financing services based on the cash flow to be created by the project, we provide the proper planning of infrastructure projects of our municipalities in accordance with fundings, developing special strategies that can be applied productively and economically, and developing the appropriate risk management system.

By creating alternative financing sources for our municipalities, we create a secured structure by converting their assets into financial instruments through “Municipal Bonds”, “Real Estate Investment Funds (REIF)”, “Infrastructure REIP” and other structured products, ensuring the asset-liability management and strengthening of the capital structure.

SAMPAŞ, which is among the top five industrial organizations that bring the highest amount of projects and grants to Turkey, develops Smart City projects that set new urbanism norms with our stakeholders and local administrations in Europe and works for the highest level benefit of our local administrations from European Union Grant & Support Programs.

Based on the new route of the modern world, that is Smart Urban Economies and Digital Economy, we enable our municipalities to contribute more to the economy and even to direct the local economy.