Migration from rural areas to urban areas has been exponentially increasing in Turkey, particularly for the last forty years. The number of people living in cities has increased dramatically. SAMPAŞ Holding believes that having this numerical increase in cities reinforced by quality is of vital importance for the development of our country.

Increasing the brand values of our cities is of paramount importance for reducing and rectifying economic, cultural and social problems, for propagating people-oriented governance approach, for improving the quality of life of citizens, and for the development of Turkey on a global scale.

In this context, SAMPAŞ Holding works with a team spirit with its employees, suppliers and business partners; in order to provide the highest technology and the most efficient solutions in national and international markets to local administrations.

As SAMPAŞ Holding, it is among our priorities to ensure continuous improvement of our products and services, to go beyond the needs and expectations of our customers, and to provide products and services at international qualities and standards.

With its principle of becoming a leading and guiding institution in its business sector since its establishment until today, SAMPAŞ Holding will continue to be an honest, reliable and respectable institution with its employees, clients and business partners.

We, SAMPAŞ Holding, strive to have Turkish cities among the leaders in the competition of Smart Cities by blending the high-technology solutions of the future with alternative finance methods, and producing social and environmentalist projects. We know that serving this purpose is patriotism. And most important of all, we believe in Turkey and we trust its bright future.