We equip our cities with elements of the “SMART CITY”. We present our turnkey solutions through business models which are facilitated from the aspect of finance. Such models as “Build, Operate and Transfer”, “Income Sharing”, “Long Term Financing” in areas such as Smart Transportation, Smart Tap Water, Smart Energy, Safe City, Smart Waste and Environment and Smart Agriculture together with our entire business partners.

SAMPAŞ offers Smart City applications for our cities on different areas such as energy, transportation, environment, water, health, etc., such as the Smart City Operation & Big Data Management Center, which will manage an entire city in economic, social, strategic, environmental and cultural aspects for the cities of the future, a new generation communication infrastructure, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and safe city applications, where the crime elements are minimized.

AKOS platform includes the state-of-art modern urban information system software of Turkey. The Platform aims to collect the information on the city and its residents within certain methods and standards, to transfer them to a secure database meticulously, to determine the relations between the data in parallel with the municipal processes and needs, to manage and to provide the best way for municipal and public institutions, and to provide all economic, social, cultural and administrative services to the citizens.

“Smart Municipality”, an unrivaled business platform with a process and service-oriented corporate integration infrastructure that consolidates all information technology applications for the requirements of our municipalities, includes software compatible with e-government systems and meets the information technology requirements of our municipalities.


  • Data Center Hardware Infrastructure
  • Database Management System
  • Portal Based Intranet Application Server
  • Common Identity Management (Single Login)
  • Process Management Infrastructure
  • Management Information System
  • Legislation Information Bank (MEVBANK)
  • Geographical Information System (CBS)
  • Corporate Content and Document Management System
  • Electronic Document Management System (EBYS)
  • E-Signature, Mobile Signature Infrastructure
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Institutional Integration Infrastructure
  • E-Municipality
  • SMS Municipality
  • E-Cemetery
  • Mobile Municipality Practices
  • City Guide Applications
  • E-Zoning
  • Aykome

Through mobile municipality applications, the speed of interaction and service between municipalities and citizens has been increased. Thanks to mobile applications specific to phones and tablet PCs with IOS, Android, Windows operating system and the instant use of the operational data of the municipalities in the field, it is ensured that the service is directly taken to the citizen and the efficiency is increased.

With Smart and Sustainable Transportation solutions; traffic, parking, public transportation, planning and next generation mobility applications and services can be monitored in a safe, instant and effective way.

Smart Transportation Components:

  • • Safe transportation planning (Transportation Master Plan, Parking Master Plan, Public Transport Master Plan, Smart and Sustainable Transport Plans)
  • • Audit - Red Light, Parking violation detections
  • • Online Junction Signaling Phase Changes
  • • Traffic Management - Routing
  • • Smart Parking Solutions
  • • Electronic Supervision System

With these solutions, the aim For Water enterprises and administrations is:

  • • Increasing income,
  • • Reducing energy costs at water supply and distribution points,
  • • Increasing water efficiency and improving water quality,
  • • Lowering operating costs,
  • • Providing citizens with high standards of service
  • • Water supply for the city with a lower cost, healthy structure and sustainable.

Accordingly, project design and implementation projects are carried out to identify points with high energy expenditure in the water supply and distribution network and to reduce these costs. Investigation of the operational status of assets such as wells, dams, treatment, promotion centers, warehouses, renovation of outdated and inefficient infrastructure and equipment when needed, area-based network management and SCADA and automation system, energy management are provided.

Smart Water Components:

  • • Smart Water Technologies
    1. • Numbering Based Subscriber Information Management System (ABYS)
    2. • Geographic Information System and Infrastructure Management
    3. • Asset and Maintenance Management
    4. • Smart Meter Management
    5. • Business Intelligence, Monitoring and Control Center
  • • Energy Production Projects
    1. • Electricity Production on Transmission Line
    2. • Renewable energy sources
  • • SCADA Automation, Warehouse & Pump Management
    1. • SCADA Automation System and Infrastructure
    2. • Inefficient Pumps Renewal & Well Efficiency
    3. • Storage and Water Supply Optimization

With our new generation domestic and national technology initiative, energy production is provided from renewable energy sources. With our technology, which is a world first, energy production is obtained from unsaturated air, geothermal sources, waste heat, natural gas and day heat. With the principles of osmosis and diffusion, we produce energy with a system that converts the flow power created by using unsaturated air as an energy source directly into electrical power without using turbines and generators.

  • • As a first in the world, obtaining cheap, sustainable, renewable energy sources by producing electricity from geothermal low temperature (+ 50 ° C),
  • • Energy production from day heat, natural gas, waste heat
  • • Minimization of expenses in electricity usage areas,
  • • Establishing the infrastructure of Energy Positive Cities,
  • • Employment in the region,
  • • Reducing foreign dependency (No need for products supplied from abroad)
  • • 100% domestic production,

Extensibility and contribution to the country's economy are its prominent goals and innovations.

In addition, project development and implementation of potential energy efficiency projects are provided to create energy efficiency and climate change action plans in Municipalities, to decrease energy costs and to increase energy efficiency.

Our Services and Applications:

  • • Establishment of TS EN 50001 Energy Management System (ENYS)
  • • Energy Monitoring and Management System
  • • Conversion with ESCO-EPS model
  • • Establishing renewable energy systems

Our cities, squares, parks and gardens are now safer with our Smart and Safe City solutions. We offer solutions such as artificial intelligence and image processing techniques and face recognition, license plate recognition, forbidden zone entry detection, video analysis, density analysis, human and vehicle counting, and lost child alarm, lost item warning, suspicious item detection, and prohibited zone entrance.

  • • CCTV and Video Security Applications
  • • Video Content Management
  • • Video Analysis and Alarm Creation

Only 10% of the waste generated in our country can be recycled. This transformation, which goes through the collection, TRANSFER, STORAGE, PROCESSING, and EVALUATION processes using mechanical methods, can increase this rate by 60% with the right method and management. Mostly under the control of our municipal waste management, which is a first in Turkey, value we add through our solutions we offer and the benefits we provide:

  • • An optimal raw material production (TACOIL) used as an alternative fuel with a low carbon footprint,
  • • New plastic production suitable for food contact with the raw material obtained from the transformation,
  • • Achieving a healthy environment by reducing waste left to nature
  • • Providing economic input for our municipalities,
  • • Job opportunity for the citizen.

It completes chemical recycling, mechanical recycling and overcomes the difficulties of smell, contamination, and processing of plastic materials of different properties.

Our major difference in transformation is the production of an optimal raw material (TACOIL), which is used as an alternative fuel with a low carbon footprint, to make new plastics and create a circular economy, together with our licensed Thermal Anaerobic Transformation technology, a first in the world.