Kepez Santral Urban Transformation Project selected to Horizon 2020 grant programme.

Kepez Santral Urban Transformation Project of which consultancy works are executed by SAMPAS, was entitled to a grant of about 5 million Euro with MAtchUP Project within the scope of the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities (SCC-1-2017) Call.

Having competed with 17 big consortiums from various countries of Europe applying to acquire support from the same call, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and project partners were selected as one of the three project entitled to be supported. Within the scope of the project; large scaled smart city implmentations will be carried out together with Valencia Municipality from Spain and Dresden Municipality from Germany. Under the patronage of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Antepe Construction and Trade Companty, a municipal affiliate implementing Urban Transformation Project with the consultation of SAMPAS. 28 project partners from Turkey, Spain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Israel, Belgium and Macedonia will take place in the project. In Turkish side of the consortium, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Antepe A.S., SAMPAS  A.S., the local coordinator of the project, Akdeniz University, Demir Enerji and Taysim will take roles during the implementation.

Within the scope of Kepez Santral Urban Transformation Project, a pilot demo area of 70.000 m2 was determined in the urban transformation area. Together with the other pilot cities, 42 different Smart City Applications will be carried into effect containing elements of information technologies such as solar energy applications related to heating, energy production and storage, smart transportation applications such as electrical transportation vehicles and management, big data management, smart lighting with the internet of things, integration of energy, smart home and smart building solutions in a single point within the scope of AKOS Smart City Automation System. The project will be implemented simultaneously with the construction of Kepez Santral Urban Transformation Project and engaged with the beginning of lives in 2019.

Regarding this grant news, Menderes Turel, the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality stated that "These developments are quite honouring both for us and our country.  This project we initiated in our city, is the largest urban transformation project of Turkey without any problems. More remarkable side of the project is that we establish a city, which every part of which is aesthetical, smart and sustainable from its infrastructure to superstructure, from physical living areas to social life. Our Kepez Santral Project is designed as a Smart City both in planning and projecting stages. We told that we would wing Kepez Santral, the incentive granted by the European Union shows us that our project is in the right way. As for the reconstruction, Antalya will turn into a competitive city across the world. I wish all the best to Antalya and our citizens on Kepez Santral.”