Now Çankırı has AKOS

Smart City Automation Project, which has been carried out with Çankırı Municipality, has been presented on 19 December 2013 at 100.Yıl Cultural Centre.

Governor Vahdettin Özcan, Mayor İrfan Dinç, SAMPAŞ Executive Committee Member Ali Demir Akgünlü, Department Chiefs and Municipality Staff attended to the AKOS Project Presentation Meeting.

“We will integrate with the citizens.”

At the opening Speech of the programme, Mayor İrfan Dinç stated that: “We will more integrate with our citizens with the Çankırı Smart City Automation System Project which has started three months ago in the framework of our municipality works. We aim a municipality approach which determines their demands objectively, provides public participation within solution finding, decreases bureaucracy, provides a transparent, participant and productive municipality approach.

We are aware of that we must string along with the technological infrastructure in order to transform Çankırı a dynamic city. Thus, as Çankırı Municipality, we will bring out the economic conditions, expectations, needs of our city with the AKOS Project. We will provide objective solution ways by collecting all these information about Çankırı with these tables.

In the framework of our works carried out with people oriented service approach, with this Project all the obstacles in terms of information Access of our citizens will be removed.

Our slogan is “Unobstructed Access to Çankırı”. AKOS Project may bring good luck with it.”

“AKOS Project will facilitate the life of our citizens”

Executive Committee Member Ali Demir Akgünlü who attended the meeting on behalf of SAMPAŞ stated that AKOS has gained many awards until today. He also stated that “When AKOS Project is completed, Çankırı municipality will have a single database. Citizens can make their operations via computer or telephone without having to come to the municipality. If they have a complaint, they can take the Picture and send it via system. Citizens can make their payments with the smart cash system except working hours.

Governor Vahdettin Özcan made a presentation about the incomes of the Smart City Automation System Project and shared his opinions. He wishes that the Project will bring good luck to Çankırı.

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