SAMPAŞ offers intelligent city technology to local governments

SAMPAŞ was a platinum sponsor for the World Intelligent Cities Summit 2013 that took place on 27-28 November. During the summit, SAMPAŞ emphasized the “Intelligent City” concept, describing it’s investments in "Cloud Technology" developed for local governments

This year’s second annual WICS- World Intelligent Cities Summit- hosted participants from Turkey and abroad. The summit, with platinum sponsorship undertaken by Sampaş, was held from November 27 to 28. Public institutions and organizations, representatives of the private sector and NGOs from around the world debated the agenda of intelligent cities in Turkey at the summit.

We are establishing systems by making citizens the epicenter

SAMPAŞ, along with their assessments of "Intelligent Cities" became the focal point at the summit, as SAMPAŞ Business Development Director Serdar Yümlü specified that citizens contact municipalities from birth until death, at every point of every conceivable process, “At SAMPAŞ by making citizens the epicenter, we are establishing communication between citizens and local governments and local governments with central governments.” Serdar Yümlü continued by saying; “Municipalities and local government service networks are growing. The expanding network of municipalities and local governments makes it more difficult to provide the same quality service to every citizen. In order to provide the same quality and standard services to all citizens, cloud technologies needs to be built. By pioneering cloud technology for local governments, we are increasing our investment.”

While the number of small municipalities in Turkey decreases, SAMPAŞ Business Development Director Serdar Yümlü expects the number of cosmopolitan municipalities to rise, saying, “In order to analyze municipality data collection and provide high standard quality service to citizens in the region, the transition to cloud technology needs to be made at great speed. By gathering feedback from citizens and being easily accessible from all channels, and analyzing collected data, municipal and local governments can convert input into service. Data security and transparency are a priority. SAMPAŞ has developed open data policies for European Union funded projects. We have designed a cloud system service-oriented platform for our E-Enviper project. Greece, Serbia, Italy, Croatia and Niğde have been selected to serve as pilots for the project. By demonstrating data transparency through our Open-Dai projects we have started the open data portal with the aim of showcasing the modernization of Turkey.”

Thanks to Open Data and Cloud Technology, citizens can be engaged through secure communication

Serdar Yümlü also mentioned that a high volume of data is being recorded, “We at SAMPAŞ offer many different organizations data security and confidentiality service. Processing data obtained anonymously and beneficially used in the eyes of public institutions and local governments enable this information to be reused. The concept of 'business intelligence' emerges by processing information in a useful way. Thanks to the integration of E-state and city information systems with cloud technology, local governments and municipalities can devise better solutions and provide better service to citizens. Establishing healthy and secure communication with citizens will be made possible by open data and cloud systems. The data obtained from these technologies and from citizens will convert into quality service. As data processing and data grows, the infrastructure will also develop.”


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