We Will Make Cities Smart By Taking Inventory

At the World Intelligent Cities Summit, SAMPAŞ CEO Şekip Karakaya stating that the basic concept of an intelligent city is intellect said, “Work should begin by taking inventory of the city.”

The second annual WICS – World Intelligent Cities Summit- was attended by participants and speakers from Turkey and abroad. Every aspect of the concept of "Intelligent Cities" was debated during the first day of the summit. Amongst the speakers at the summit, was the President of the Parliamentary Environment Commission and Istanbul deputy, Erol Kaya, who accepted a commemorative plaque from SAMPAŞ CEO Şekip Karakaya, marking the significance of the event.

“We need to take an X-ray of cities”

As one of the summit’s platinum sponsors, SAMPAŞ CEO Şekip Karakaya delivered a speech expressing that the subject of “Intelligent Cities” is increasingly more important each day seen by a boost in the population of urban areas all over the world as in Turkey. Karakaya emphasized that in order to maintain a certain life standard or even to raise the standard, cities must become intelligent. Şekip Karakaya; “Until now, Turkey has developed applications for intelligent city systems in align with the top ranks of European countries. The important element however, is the will to become intelligent. To manage a city we must first know that city well in order to foster the will to become intelligent. SAMPAŞ has began work by taking inventory of the city. By taking an X-ray of a city we can analyze it. From birth to death, we must divide the phases of a city in order to navigate each city’s economic, socio-cultural stimuli and geography based categories. We have to develop projects to address each phase of a city that will add business areas.”

We have to create more Istanbuls


SAMPAŞ CEO Şekip Karakaya said “These developments are a result of the rapid increase of internal migration in Turkey to Istanbul and the Marmara gulf, as well as urbanization and population growth in cities such as Adana. The law put into practice by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Disaster No. 6306, converted areas at risk and all cities began a rehabilitation process. This demonstrates the need for us to make other cities “intelligent” as Istanbul. A budget of $600 million allocated to the urban transformation of cities reveals the importance of the ‘intelligent city concept’, after the proclamation that Turkey has adopted a geographical development model in which some cities urbanize at a different rate than others.”

Urbanization is a sweeping change

Signifying that urbanization does not mean simply demolishing buildings unfit for earthquakes and replacing them with new ones, Sampaş CEO Şekip Karakaya said, “Urbanization is a sweeping change. Urbanization is Turkey’s most critical choice. The concept of intelligent cities in urbanization plays an important role in evolving life philosophy and can serve as a vital tool in this process.”


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