About AKOS

AKOS (Intelligent City Automation Systems) is an IT project that is designed to support the formation of a civilized city structure based on laws, regulations and standards in the e-Turkey transformation process.

AKOS platform is composed of the most advanced modern city information systems software available. Platform gathers information about the city and its citizens within the compass of internationally accepted methods and particular standards, transferring the knowledge to a safe database studiously, determining and managing the relationship between data, process and local government needs. 

This way, the platform serves as an ideal channel for local governments to administer their social, cultural and municipal services meritoriously in the most convenient manner.

AKOS is indeed the most effective way to timely identify the citizens' needs and problems, designate priorities to related issues using objective criteria, encourage public participation in producing solutions and bring out a transparent, participating and productive way of governance for municipalities.

Until this day SAMPAŞ has been considered worthy of more than thirty rewards for the implementation of modern city information system projects within the framework of AKOS platform.