Why Smart Plain Irrigation (AKOS)?

Instant monitoring of irrigation, remote management of channel cover systems, analysis of irrigated and unirrigated parcels

Project Objectives:

·         Creating operational maps capable of establishing Geographical Information System

·         Preventing unplanned and inefficient water distribution and planning irrigation

·         Defining irrigation field water need before irrigation season and creating planned water distribution lists by comparing with the resource

·         Making analyses in order to get more efficiency with same water amount

·         Getting humidity in soil and plant water needs and analyzing them

·         Increasing irrigation rates and efficiency

·         Making plant pattern analysis

·         Making fertilizer and curative analyses

·         Providing remote access to channel cover systems

·         Instant monitoring of irrigation operation over analysis applications

·         Making analyses of curatives and fertilizers used in irrigation fields

·         Making geographical and graphical analyses for working decision support mechanisms

Project Benefits in Terms of Irrigation Unions:

o    Instant monitoring of irrigation

o    Remote management of channel cover systems

o    Analysis of irrigated and unirrigated parcels

o    Getting irrigation rate statistics

o    Analyses of irrigated and left water amount according to years

o    Conducting annual water amount to be requested from DSI according to previous year analyses

o    Plantation rates and type analysis

o    Consultancy to farmers for increasing efficiency by making harvest and efficiency analyses

o    Curative and fertilizer analyses

o    Effect of curative and fertilizers on efficiency analyses