Why Urban Project Management?

SAMPAS offers consultancy services to our municipalities within the scope of AKOS. Accordingly, our Urban Project Management experts determine AKOS project scope, prepare project plan and manage the process when it comes to application stage based on related municipality.

Through SAMPAS Urban Project Management, our Municipalities:

  1. Can Easily Analyse the Requirements of Urban Transformation Process and Take Information-Based Decisions in Forming City Inventory,
  2. Can Reduce the Costs of the Services and Raise the Satisfaction of Citizens by offering the services electronically,
  3. Can Have a Reliable Common Database in Which All Data Belonging to Them is Gathered,
  4. Can Enable Reliable and Effective Information Sharing by Their Corporations’ Authority-Based Access to the Data and Information They Needed in Business Process,
  5. Can Contribute to the Development of Cooperation Ability and Interoperability Among Its Corporations,
  6. Can Develop the Process of Information-Based Policy and Decision Making.