Urban Project Management Services

SAMPAS provides urban project management and consultancy service for our municipalities within the scope of AKOS. Within this service our Urban Project Management experts determine the concept of AKOS project in the interest of related municipality, prepare the project plan and conduct the process management in application stage of the project.

Project Operation and Updating Services

Applying the Project:
It contains all application, installation, adaptation, training and implementation studies required for carrying out the operations and transactions via AKOS CAD/GIS applications.

Real Property Service:
It is the service that provides all the operations and transactions in municipalities containing address information, such as registry, subscription, declaration and licence, in order to operate under infrastructure of address/numbering as being NVI UAVT and TKGM TAKBIS real estate-based.

Reconstruction and Urbanism Service:
Besides creating decision support analysis, it provides giving CAD/GIS- based performance feedback that will be required by units of reconstruction, mapping, planning, technical works and expropriated property.

Digital Archive Service:
It is the unit-based and corporate-based archive management system under the infrastructure of standard file plan and EDMS (Electronic Document Management System).

Citizen-Oriented Services

Call/Communication Centre

Reception Service


Mobile Municipality

AKOS Mobile

SMS Municipality


City Guide



There Will Be A Geographical/City Information System

SAMPAS executes geographical/city information system installations and applications for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the era, benefiting from the advantages of information technologies and providing transition to information-based municipalism within the city management and the services of citizen-based municipalism.

Geographic Information System Software

City Information System Software



SisMap Map Module

Map Module

SisUrban Reconstruction and Urban Module

Vehicle Tracking Module

SisPlan Planning Module

Reconstruction Archive Module

E-Map Software

Plan-Plan Archive Module

E-City Guide

Relic Module


Traffic Module


Bazaar Locations Module


Park and Gardens Module


Cemetery Module


Urban Furniture Module



Mobile Mapping System

With the 360° Mobile Mapping system the main functions such as height, distance and area of roads and streets can be authenticated with high definition displays. Moreover, related point coordinate information and 360° spatial exploration again from the related point are made accessible for system users through displays.

At the same time, by carrying out necessary transactions through the same system the inventory can be taken belonging to all city objects and thus, the processes of urban furniture evaluation, address and numbering finding, measurement and finding of announcement, advertisement, and signboard can be applied.

Base Map, Satellite Image and Orthophoto Map

Orthophoto Map

Photogrammetric Digital Base Map

Satellite Image Provision

Satellite Image Evaluation

Topological Map Services

Address/Numbering System

Within SAMPAS Address/Numbering system services the transactions are made as the applications of address components, mentioned in 3rd article of Population Services Law No. 5490, to the field according to the related legislations and regulations, along identifying all components (street, road, building, door, etc.) with geographic objects by location and relating to the other management system data.

Avenue/Street Plates

Avenue/Street Wall Type Plates 

Building Outer Door Numbers

Apartment Number Plates

Subscriber Numbers

Site Detection and City Inventory Information System

Road Condition Information

Address/Numbering Information

Urban Furniture Information

Building and Single Space Information

Person, Social and Demographic Information

Subscription Meter and Installation Number Information

Working Place Inventory System

Working Place Inventory System services contain the transactions of inventory detection study belonging to working places within the boundaries of municipality; gathering, formation, updating of data through the system (business operating license, environment tax, tax board, announcement-advertisement tax, activity subject information, personnel information, chamber of commerce registries etc.) and identifying location details.

Furthermore, when the gathered, formed and updated information in consequence of related studies is compared with other existing data, revenue losses and tax evasions are detected.

Reconstruction And Urbanism Information System

SAMPAS Reconstruction and Urbanism Information System manages the process of giving CAD/GIS based application support that will be needed for the reconstruction, mapping, planning, technical works and expropriated property of our municipalities. In addition, the process of preparing of reconstruction plan, cadastre parcel and mapping information in CBS environment, at the point of being integrated with the City Information system, is carried out by the system.

Application Reconstruction Plan Digitization 

General Reconstruction Plan Digitization

Map Topology Services

Cadastral and Land Register Services

Construction License Process and Documents 

Plan and Reconstruction Archive Works

Relic Topology

Plan and Reconstruction Analysis

Urban Regeneration, Urban Transformation and Developmental Projects

Urban Transformation means reconstruction of the property, that is irregularly structured, slummed, susceptible to disasters and urban risks, insufficient and unqualified in terms of infrastructure, overbuilt, situated in a place that is illegal or inconsistent with the reconstruction, in accordance with reconstruction plan data.

Within the scope of Urban Regeneration and Developmental Projects the processes of arrangement of property in built or overbuilt areas are carried out in accordance with reconstruction and planning data.

Determination of Transformation Areas & SWOT Analysis

Demographic, Social and Economic Structure Analysis

Base Detail Retrieval

Property Analysis

Preparation of Evaluation Reports

Determination of Ownership and Project Participation Value

Preparation of Urban Design Projects and Reconstruction Plan for Transformation purpose

Preparation of Architectural Practice and Technical Infrastructure Projects

Preparation of Basis Documents for Agreement

Title Deed Transactions Consultancy Service

Project Management Service

Urban Design & 3D Modelling Cemetery Information System

Cemetery Information System Solution involves CIS (Cemetery Information System) Software, Cemetery Graphic Data and Cadastral Management, Cemetery Area Finding Services, Cemetery Funeral and Deceased Registrations, Cemetery Digital Archive Formation and Cemetery Numbering Plates Management services.

Cemetery Information System Software

Cemetery Information System Services

MIS Cemetery Application

Cemetery Information Site Detection

Death Mernis Application 

Photo Shooting of Cemetery

E-Cemetery Application 

Collecting of Gravestone Information

KIOSK Cemetery Applications 

Data Entries of Cemetery Burial and the deceased Registers


Preparation of Cemetery Digital Archive


Preparation of Cemetery Numbering Plates

Infrastructure Mapping and Infrastructure Information System (IMIIS)

Digitization of Infrastructure Network Sections

Infrastructure Mapping, Wardriving and Network Determination Service

Evaluation of Infrastructure War Driving Device Information by analyzing

Smartization of Infrastructure Date and Verification Studies

Formation of Geographical based Resource Inventory

Formation of Geographical based Infrastructure Subscription Information System

IMIIS Application

Excavation License Application

Water and Watercourse Management Information System

Subscription Management System

Call Centre and CRM Citizen Relationship System 

Malfunction- Maintenance System

Water and Watercourse Works Tracking System

Geographical based Infrastructure Management System

Works of Water Meter Reading by Handheld Terminal

Paperless Municipalism, EDMS & Archive System

The documents that are to be transferred to digital media are determined within the scope of SAMPAS Paperless Municipalism, EDMS and Archive System services and the archive management, together with the updating and operation services.

System Infrastructure

General Archive System



Process Management System

Correspondence and Document Management System


Archive Management and Consultancy Services

Determination of Corporation-Department Archive Standards

Analysis of Physical Conditions of Archives

Determination of File-Document Inventories

Preparation of Archive Storage, Classification and Extinction Plan

Preparation of Standard File Plan

Determination of Documents which is required to be transferred into Digital Media according to needs of Corporation

Determination of Document Workflow Processes

Archive Management, Updating and Operation Services


Physical Archive

Archive Room Physical Arrangements (Air-Conditioning and Fire Extinction Systems )

Steel Shelf and Compact-Railed Archive Cupboards

Replacement of Box, Folder and Files

Replacement of Cupboard, Box, Folder and File Labels

Physical Archive Services (File Management by Registration of the Archive Files)


Digital Archive

Scanning of Documents which are required to be transferred into Digital Media

Codification of Scanned Documents classifying according to their subjects

Inputting of File and Information

Transportation Information System (TIS)

Road Information System

Transportation Information System

Traffic Information System

Public Transport Information System

Disaster Information System (DIS)

Disaster Management and Emergency Case Management and Control Centre Services

Micro Zoning Services

Conformity of Ground, Geology and Settlement Information Operations

Formation of Building Construction ID Card Information

Formation of Building Energy Performance ID Information

Data Mining Services

The Data Mining System is used to analyse the data and discover the hidden models which are involved in the data set. These models, which are discovered in the data, make the data possible to interpret in more details and make projections.


Data Accuracy

Data Standardization

Data Input Operations

Data Mapping Operations

Data Transfer Operations

Revenue Loss-Unlicensed Analysis

Build-up of Village Infrastructure Information System