Municipality Income Management System Services

Accrual Enhancement

The accrual items of our municipalities and their amounts are updated with the exact information in Geography Information System by use of smart and automatic systems and our expert staff. In case that the tax payers, having tax, rent and charge debt in the system, don’t discharge their debt, they are ascertained and led to the collection, by this pursuit of the necessary informing.

Research on Tax payer Information

Research on Tax payer Information involves the acts of providing population and registry information, current address and telephone registries, SSI (Social Security Institution) and Chamber of Commerce registries of the individuals from concerned authority for accrual enhancement processes.

Professional Call Centre Services

SAMPAS can interfere in the process in the matter of transformation of overdue debts into collection with timely calls. It can make calls of instalment and enable execution of the communication in some cases such as offer renewal, fair discount and research for our municipalities through Professional Call Centre Services.